Today, more and more attention ordinary citizens and legal persons pay to the issue security systems.

Under the security systems we understand both physical protection, and special technical means by which is  made a transfer of data about the dangers. Impeccable reputation and reliability, which is confirmed by the customers' and partners' feedback from 1996. The composition of the crews include guards of the 3 category, with permission to use lethal weapons. We are the agency that assumes full responsibility for the quality of security services, protecting the interests of our clients.

Judicious location of rapid reaction crew, dispersed around the city.

Experienced drivers, perfectly orientating on city streets and able to find the optimum route of travel after alarm on protected object. Rapid response crews are equipped with tablets with specialized software, that allows you instantly receive an alarm with coordinates, photographs and diagrams of the object. Rapid response of staff in case of an alarm. Time of arrival of the crew to the scene of disturbing call-not more than 5 minutes. To ensure the safety of the protected person, the personal protection unit is formed. The size of the groups is determined, based on the level of threat to the protected person. Staff is equipped by means of protection are provided with professional communiсative equippment.

Security agency's staff is a solidary team of professionals, united by a common cause, traditions, interests and goals.

We have highly qualified specialists, former employees of different power structures, employees of the FSB and the military, which gives us the ability to ensure high the level of training of staff and protection services. Members of our team usually have experience in protection not less than 2 years, higher or secondary education diploma, specialized courses' diploma, qualifications and the identity of the guard. Outplacing to our agency, all guards pass personal validation, professional and psychological testing.